The Abu Garcia Revo MGXtreme Spinning Reel Reviewed

The Abu Garcia Revo MGXtreme Spinning Fishing Reel

I think most of us are familiar with the Abu Garcia brand name – and if you are like me – you have been using their fishing reels for about as long as you can remember.

Abu Garcia makes a lot of great spinning reels, but one really does stand out from the rest, and that would be the the Abu Garcia Revo MGXtreme Spinning Reel.

What is the most expensive Abu Garcia Spinning Reel? That would be the Abu Garcia Revo MGXtreme Spinning Reel.

What is the best Abu Garcia Spinning Reel? Well, most people would also say that is the Abu Garcia Revo MGXtreme Spinning Reel.

Here is our review of the Abu Garcia Revo MGXtreme Spinning Reel – so you can see why anglers hold this fishing reel in such high regard!

The Revo MGXtreme Fishing Reel Basics

The Revo MGXtreme Spinning Reel from Abu Garcia

So, what makes this fishing reel so good? The high-quality parts, the smoothness, the durability, the design – basically all of those important things were done right to produces an amazing spinning reel that many anglers would call the best on the market.

Here are some of the important specs of the Revo MGXtreme Spinning Fishing Reel:

  • 11 Stainless Steel bearings + 1 roller bearing.
  • C-6 Carbon Body
  • Carbon Handle Arm with a Cork Knob
  • 1-Piece “X-Mag” alloy gear box
  • Always on Instant Anti-Reverse
  • A weight of only 5.6 or 5.9 Ounces!
  • Right or Left-Handed Reel
  • Great color scheme

Basically, Abu Garcia designed this fishing reel to be as light as possible, but still be as smooth and durable as possible. That amount of bearings, plus the actual bearing system make the retrieval rate of this reel fast and smooth.

There are two different size options. Here are the specs for both Abu Garcia Revo MGXtreme Spinning Fishing Reel options:

Reel SizeReel Weight (oz.)Gear RatioBearing CountMono Fishing Line Capacity (LB/YDS)Braided Fishing Line Capacity (LB/YDS)Retrieval RateLink to Buy
205.6 oz. 6.2:1126/185
8/19031.4 Inches Per TurnBuy Here
305.9 oz. 6.2:1126/225
10/18033.7 Inches Per TurnBuy Here
The Best Abu Garcia Revo MGXtreme Spinning Reel Options

The cost of these fishing reels is going to be near $400 – but you are getting what you paid for! A high-quality fishing reel that has one of the fastest and smoothest retrieval rates of any spinning reel.

buy here yellow ribbon

Final Notes

Not only is this one of the best functioning fishing reels on the market today – it also looks great! So, if you are someone who spends a lot of time fishing and wants the best of the best when it comes to fishing gear: than you need to look at purchasing this Abu Garcia MGXtreme fishing reel!

Now, if you are someone who loves high-quality fishing gear, but doesn’t spend enough time on the water to spend $400 for a spinning reel, there are some other great options from Abu Garcia that you can read about here:

Thanks for reading and enjoy fishing!

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