Frabill Hiber-Net Reviewed (Best True Telescopic Fishing Net)

The Frabill Hiber-Net Fishing Net
The Frabill Hiber-Net – The Best True Telescopic Fishing Net on the Market!

For those of us that like to go on fishing trips for large fish species, we all know the pain of trying to store a large fishing net. They are a must for landing big pike or muskie – but they can also take up so much room in the boat….and not to mention the netting tends to get tangled with my fishing lures. Those big nets just seem to always be in the way.

That is what I truly love about the Frabill Hiber-Net. The design of this fishing net makes it so easy to store on a boat or even in a locker. You don’t have to worry about it get tangled up with everything – but you can still depend on having a reliable net that is going to help you land fish!

Don’t worry, the Frabill Hiber-Net doesn’t just come in large hoop sizes. There are a lot of different variations making this a great net for anyone that wants a dependable net they can store easily! So please enjoy our Frabill Hiber-Net review.

What do you Mean by Telescopic Fishing Net?

A telescopic fishing net is a fishing net that will completely fold down into itself – basically creating one long tube. The net can then be extended out of that tube to become a full-sized fishing net.

Revolutionary Design of the Frabill Hiber-Net

The top reason that this net is so amazing is the design. It is hard to explain just how awesome this design is in words, but I will do my best! Basically, you have a rubber grip that you push out when you are ready to open the net. It does take a little bit of force, but once you push it to the end of the rod and give it a slight twist – you are going to have a fully opened net that is ready to roll!

When you are done using the net, simply pull that rubber grip down to the end of the rod, and the net will fully shut with it. Now all you have to worry about is storing the rod. There is no parts to remove, and this entire process only takes seconds to complete.

Just an amazing fishing net design!

Frabill Hiber-Net Fishing Net Specs & Choices

Obviously, the biggest selling point to the Frabill Hiber-Net is that revolutionary Telescopic design. However, there are a lot more features of this net that make it awesome then just the design.

For example, the net itself is a knotless mesh that is easy on fish. The handle is designed for easy control and it looks great. There are also different handle lengths and hoop sizes depending on the style of fishing you are going to be doing.

Here are your three different choices:

Model NumberHoop SizeHandle LengthNet DepthBuy Here Link
360118" x 18"40"11"Buy Here
360023" x 22"52"30"Buy Here
360229" x 29" 72"40"Buy Here
The Awesome Frabill-Hiber-Net Fishing Net Options

As you can see, you have 3 different size options. You have the very large option for catching big fish, you have the medium sized option for your bass & walleye adventures, and you have the small version which is perfect for kayakers and boaters that always seem to need more space!

buy here yellow ribbon

Final Thoughts & Links of Interest

Like we said above, the Frabill Hiber-Net Landing Net is the best telescopic fishing net on the market today. The great design and high-quality materials really make this a great net. If you are someone who needs more space in their boat, need an easy to store net, really want a net they can store in a locker, or are big into kayak fishing – well this should be a no brainer for you!

If you are looking for some other types of fishing nets, I would encourage you take a look at some of these links:

As always – happy fishing!

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