The KastKing Blawkhawk II Telescopic Fishing Rod Reviewed

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The KastKing Blackhawk II Telescopic Fishing Rod
Here it is: The KastKing Blackhawk II Telescopic Fishing Rod

We recently wrote an article talking about What is a Telescopic Fishing Rod? – so we thought we should probably let you know about some of the best Telescopic Fishing Rods that are available.

To me that list has to start with KastKing & the KastKing Blackhawk II Telescopic Fishing Rod series! We would give this fishing rod our top ranking when it comes to the best Telescopic Fishing Rods – and that is due to the quality of materials, the great selection of rods to choose from, and the overall performance of these rods on the water.

So here is our review of the KastKing Blawkhawk II Telescopic Fishing Rod Series; which will hopefully give you all the information you will need to determine if this fishing rod should be added to your collection!

Basic Background & Advantages

The KastKing Blackhawk II Travel Fishing Rod

Obviously, the Blackhawk II fishing rod is produced by KastKing – and being a telescopic rod – it is built in different sections that collapse into itself for easy storage; than expands to become a full-sized fishing rod!

This series of fishing rods has gone thru some upgrades and changes from the original Blackhawk line that will make this rod perform at an even higher level.

The big advantage to this fishing rod is just how easy it is to travel with. Traditional 1-piece rods take up a lot of space and aren’t easy to travel with. These rods also can be compressed down with the reel attached and the fishing line still attached to the guides. It is so simple to get these fishing rods up and running again – and your fishing lure in the water where it belongs.

So, if you are looking for a portable, convenient, easy to travel with, durable, and high-performing fishing rod…well this is a really good choice! Especially for anglers that like to fly, hike, travel, and fish off the beaten path where 1-piece fishing rods can be hard to transport too.

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These fishing rods are made from some great materials. It starts with a 24-Ton Carbon Matrix rod blank with a solid glass tip section. This combination will deliver the durability and strength that you need in a fishing rod – but also the sensitivity & performance that we all crave when trying to land fish.

Part two of this fishing rod includes stainless steel line guides, a very comfortable EVA handle, graphite reel seats – basically all the things that are going to keep the rod durable but comfortable as well. The line guides were designed to maximize casting performance and distance – because the biggest complaint you normally hear about telescopic fishing rods is the casting ability.

This mixture of functionality, performance, looks, and durability is what helps make these rods one of the best choices you can make when purchasing a traveling fishing rod!


The neat thing about telescopic fishing rods is how they work. To extend these fishing rods start at the tip. Extend each section slowly making sure that the guides align properly. Do this section by section until the rod is at its full length – it really is that simple.

To collapse the rod into travel mode, start at the bottom of the rod and slowly collapse each section by gently twisting them. Do this to all sections and you will be good to go. Remember, you can keep your fishing reel on and your line thru the guides during this process! Just make sure to open the bail when expanding the fishing rod!

Size Options

Believe it or not, there are 14 different rod size options in the BlackHawk II Telescopic Fishing Rod Line! They will range from 6’6″ to 8′ in extended length; and 21.7″ to 26.8″ in collapsed length.

There are also Spinning, Casting, and Inshore Casting/Spinning rods available to pick from. These rods vary in action from Fast to Moderate Fast; and from Rod Powers of Medium-Light to Heavy.

Hopefully this great selection will ensure you can find a fishing rod that suites your preferred fishing style.

Rod TypeExtended LengthCollapsed LengthActionPowerLine Weight (LB)GuidesWeight
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Spinning6’6″21.7″FastML6 – 127 + 14.05Buy Here
Spinning6’6″21.7″ Fast M8 – 15 7 + 1 4.40 Buy Here
Spinning7″22.4″ Fast M8 – 15 7 + 1 4.60 Buy Here
Spinning7″22.4″ Fast MH10 – 17 7 + 1 5.30 Buy Here
Spinning7’4″22.4″ Fast MH10 – 20 7 + 1 5.60 Buy Here
Casting6’8″24.0″ Fast M8 – 159 + 14.90 Buy Here
Casting7’1″25.2″ Fast M8 – 15 9 + 1 5.00 Buy Here
Casting7’1″25.2″ Fast MH10 – 17 9 + 1 5.65 Buy Here
Casting7’3″25.2″ Fast MH10 – 17 9 + 1 5.70 Buy Here
Casting7’6″26.8″ Fast MH10 – 20 9 + 1 5.95 Buy Here
MH10 – 257 + 15.30 Buy Here
H12 – 257 + 15.95 Buy Here
MH10 – 259 + 15.40 Buy Here
H12 – 259 + 15.75 Buy Here


Of course, price is always going to be a big factor when purchasing a fishing rod. The nice thing about these rods are they are price between about $50 – $60 depending on the fishing rod option you choose. That is a great price – I can’t even come close to buying a lot of high-end 1-piece fishing rods at that price point!

So, if you are looking for good value – there you go!

Final Notes

I would say if you are looking for the best Telescopic Fishing Rod for the price, you must look at these KastKing Blackhawk II Telescopic Fishing Rods. The high-end materials, the great selection, the great price….all of those factors make these a great investment.

The only real downside to telescopic fishing rods is they do lose some rod sensitivity and strength just by the way they are built and casting can be a bit more difficult with them (which KastKing has done a nice job of trying to ease that pain for anglers).

However, if you are a big traveler, you like to fly, if you like to hike, and you want to have an easy to transport fishing rod that is very functional – pick this one!

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