The Best Frabill Conservation Fishing Nets

The Frabill Conservation Series Landing Nets

If you are like me, you have always been big into catch and release fishing. There are very few fishing trips where I keep the catch anymore – with the exception being some of those walleye fishing trips…those walleyes are just too good to let go!

And since catch and release fishing is such a big deal to me, I’m always looking for a fishing net that is durable, functional, and one that is easy on fish. That is exactly what the Frabill Conservation Fishing Net line is all about.

What are the Best Frabill Conservation Fishing Nets? The 20″ x 23″ Frabill Conservation Net, the 23″ x 26″ Frabill Conservation net, and the Clear Rubber Conservation net are the best.

There are some great options in this fishing net line, so we hope you enjoy our list of the Best Frabill Conservation Fishing Nets Reviewed!

Quick list of the Best Frabill Conservation Landing Nets

Here is a quick list of the best Frabill Conservation series landing nets. Below this quick list is a more detailed review of each option, plus some final notes and links that might interest you!

RankModelHoop SizeHoop DepthHandle TypeHandle LengthMesh Hole SizeLink to Buy
#1951223" x 26"16"Telescoping36" to 72"1"Buy Here
#2951020" x 23"16"Telescoping24" to 48"1"Buy Here
#3953517" x 19"18"Telescoping24" to 48"3/8"Buy Here
#4953032" x 41"54"Sliding48"1.5"Buy Here
#5952226" x 30"38"Telescoping48" to 96"1"Buy Here
#6952126" x 30"38"Sliding48"1"Buy Here
#7951723" x 26"32"Sliding48"1"Buy Here
#8952729" x 34"54"Sliding48"1.5"Buy Here
Here is a list of the best Frabill Conservation Fishing Nets

More Detailed Review on Frabill Conservation Nets

As you can see from the list above, there are 8 total nets that are in the Frabill Conservation series line. They all have some similarities, but there are some different features to a few of them that are worth pointing out. Here is a nice breakdown of all these options.

The Traditional Frabill Conservation Nets

The Frabill Conservation 23 x 26" fishing net

Model numbers 9512, 9510, 9522, 9521, and 9517 (ranked 1, 2, 5, 6, and 7 respectively in our ranking above) all make up what I like to call the traditional Frabill Conservation Net line.

They basically all share the same characteristics with the size of the net, and possibly the type of handle, really being the only differences between them.

All of these nets have a knotless netting that is safe on fish, a black net and hoop color scheme, and either a sliding or telescopic handle design. What you have here is a net that is dependable, durable, and safe for fish.

We ranked model 9512 number 1 because of the 23″ x 26″ hoop size and the extra handle length you get. That hoop size is perfect for bass & walleye fishing – and the extra reach you get with the handle makes it easy to net fish right out of the side of your boat.

We ranked model 9510 second because of its 20″ x 23″ hoop size – and up to 48″ handle reach. Again, this size is just what most of us anglers need in our boat – so it makes since to rank these two as the top Frabill Conservation Series Fishing Nets.

The other nets in this group of five are still great nets, but the sizes just don’t match up with what most anglers need! However, if you prefer those slightly larger nets, you should still really like these options!

I should also mention the cost of these 5 nets is also really good – normally right around $80 which is a steal for how good these nets are!

These nets are so good they normally make a lot of “best of” lists like this one: The Best Walleye Fishing Nets.

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The Clear Rubber Coated Frabill Conservation Net

Clear Rubber Coated Frabill Fishing Net

Number three in our ranking above is actually a pretty unique fishing net in this line. You will often hear this net called the Frabill Clear Rubber Conservation Net – and that is the biggest difference between this one and all the other nets in the line.

All the other lines have a black coated mesh – this one is a clear rubber net. That makes this a perfect net to use in clear trout streams and any other place where you mind what your net to be harder to see once in the water.

This is also the smallest net in this line. The hoop is 17″ x 19″ with an 18″ net depth – which is again why I recommend it for smaller species such as trout.

The handle is built really well, and it can go from 24″ to 48″ in length. It is still a net that is very easy on fish and will be a great addition to an angler’s fishing gear collection.

And oh yeah, it also only costs about $80!

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The Frabill Deep Knotless Conservation Net

The very large frabill deep knotless conservation fishing net

On the exact opposite end of the spectrum from the clear rubber conservation net listed above – is the #4 ranked net: the Frabill Deep Knotless Conservation Net.

If you can’t tell by the name, this fishing net is extra big – and was really built with musky anglers in mind!

And when we say really big, we are talking about a 32″ x 41″ hoop size that is 54″ deep! This net wasn’t designed to be scooping up panfish! I should also note the mesh/hole size of the net is 1.5 inches. This really helps the water drain out of it and reduces weight when you are scooping up a big musky or pike – and it also helps you cut thru the water a lot easier when you are getting ready to land those big fish!

Since musky fishing is often a catch and release deal – it is nice knowing this fishing net was made to be easy on that species of fish!

The net is also designed with a lightweight but durable handle – and that handle length is 48″ which should give you enough room to net that fish.

This is going to be the most expensive option – normally costing anglers right around $180 – which is actually very affordable when you compare that to a lot of other large & musky landing nets. If you are interested in seeing how it compares to other Musky Nets, check out this list of the best musky fishing nets.

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Final Notes and Links of Interest

The Frabill Conservation Series Line of Fishing Nets really has some tremendous options in it. The great selection makes it easy for the trout stream angler, the musky trophy angler, or just your everyday bass angler to find a functional fishing net that they can depend on!

Plus, you have to love that these landing nets were designed to be easy on fish, and to make it as easy as possible for anglers to practice catch and release fishing.

You are going to love having one of these fishing nets in your collection, but if you are still exploring different fishing net options, I suggest you take a look at a few of these links:

If you can’t find the fishing net that you are looking for from all these good links, I don’t know what to tell you, but I hope you find whatever it is you are looking for!

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